We’ve always been a little bit particular. Maybe sometimes more than a little bit. About 2 years ago we found ourselves dissatisfied with the available component offerings - between specs, price, capability, and availability we thought something was missing. If we wanted to spend absolute top dollar we could get what we needed, or if we were seeking out a lower quality option there were plenty of price-centric competitors, but nothing for the meat of the bell curve. Nothing that suited normal folks wanting the best. There had to be another option. The OTHR option.


Carbon Wheelsets Integrale Carbon Bar/Stem


It would be easy to call these a road wheel. It would be easy to call these a gravel wheel. But to us, they’re just the ideal wheels for any dropbar bike.

From the road to the cobbles to the gravel to the trail. Anywhr means anywhere.

  • 1360g for a complete wheelset
  • One wheelset for road or gravel
  • 24mm internal rim width
  • Aero optimized for 28-30mm tires on the road
  • Tubeless specific rim shape
  • Lifetime warranty


    The one piece bar for any road bike and any riding style.

    The OTHR Integrale is a lightweight one piece bar/stem that’s at home on nearly any bike. No gimmicks, no “new revelations in ergonomics”, and no proprietary parts required. The OTHR Integrale is immediately familiar and comfortable as an integrated part of any new bike or an upgrade to an old favorite.

  • Lightweight at just 360g
  • Mid-compact drop of 125mm and a reach of 80mm
  • Internal or external routing options
  • Lifetime warranty


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